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be given one year to fix its own problems. the department of education reports the accrediting commission violated regulations in the review of city college. it says the commission failed to get enough educators on its evaluation teams as required. the report does not recommend taking away the commission's authority. the city college stands to lose its accreditation by the end of july. >>> a kayaker is dead after being attacked by a shark off the coast of maui yesterday. the man is 57-year-old patrick brianny of washington state. they say he was fishing from his kayak between maui and molukinni. brianny died a short time later. a lifeguard says stretches are being taken to keep people safe. >> we're disclosing the beach monitoring, making sure everybody stays safe. >> this latest incident is the eighth shark attack near maui this year. >>> here's dramatic video of a helicopter rescue yesterday to help a kayaker off tomalas bay. no word why the man got sick or his current condition. >>> a winter storm is dropping know in the greater lake tahoe area. a winter weather advisory is in effect r
. the department of education reports the accrediting commission violated regulations in its review of city college. it says the commission failed to get enough educators on its evaluation team as required. the report does not however recommend taking away the commission's authority. city college stands to lose its accreditation at the end of july. >>> first there was black friday. then there was cyber monday. now there is giving tuesday. giving tuesday was created last year at a ymca in new york city. it's a campaign to create a national day of giving at the start of the holiday season. the idea is to set aside a day for people to give back to their communities either with donations or volunteering. this year more than 7500 groups will be taking part including san jose based ebay. >>> time now 4:47. and a walnut creek business is being forced to close its doors after 26 years in business right at the height of the holiday shopping season. the owner of yogurt park says he's one of many tenants in the portion of broadway plaza known as the back 40, that will have to move out by the end of january. t
. the hearing is scheduled for sometime later this month. the department of education also releasing a recent report basically stating the commission has not received educator confidence which is a requirement. the college is moving forward. you can keep track tst progress on a -- of the progress. on the website. back to you. >>> happening today, a man suspected of killing another man over a video game system in san francisco is due no in court. the system, ronnie collins is accused of the fatal shooting of 22-year-old ikenna on sunday in the bayview district. ikenna posted an onlined a for a playstation -- online ad for a playstation. >>> also later today, the suspect in the l.a.x. shooting rampage will also make his first court appearance. 23-year-old paul ciancia will be at a san bernardino county jail. he's being held in federal custody, accused of walking into terminal 3 last month and killing a tsa officer and wounding three other people. investigators say he had a vendetta against the federal government. >>> 7:39. the autopsy on paul walker is complete and the results are expected some
education program is finishing out its first week of operation at the ymca in san francisco's bay view district. preschoolers are a rare sight in this neighborhood of mostly low income families with few resources. parents seem grateful. >> my child was so excited to come to school and her first day she didn't want to go home. >> reporter: other than a head start program, this is the only licensed early childhood education program in the entire neighborhood. >> traditionally bay area has been isolated from the rest of the city and a place where there hasn't been a tremendous amount of economic opportunity. a lot of families living in poverty. >> reporter: it's run by the nonprofit agency. they had wanted to open a preschool in the bay area for a long time but it hasn't been easy. >> it's hard to find space and expensive to run. we are committed to expanding services. >> reporter: according to the children's council, 458 children in the bay view are on the waiting list for subsidized child care, one of the longest waiting lists in any neighborhood in san francisco. this mother told us sh
education and the roaring -- everyone seems to have a job and the stock market was creating a whole new class of millionaires. these were the days of prohibition. that 13 year period when a constitutional amendment made alcoholic drinks illegal. of course the law was widely ignored. perhaps nowhere as openly as in the mission district. frank quinn remembers when someone asked his uncle where he could get a drink in the neighborhood. >> my uncle said to him. do you know where the funeral parlor is down in the block. he said yes, he said well that's the only place here where you can't get a drink. >> reporter: we looked at a building that was once a speak easy or as it was called a blind pig. >> if you wanted to get into one of these places they were illegal. how did you get in? >> you would just walk in. >> reporter: you didn't have to have a special password. >> no, and the policemen -- >> reporter: how did you know you weren't a cop? >> they didn't because the police were part of it. >> reporter: by the time tim finished high school the fun was over. san francisco along with the rest o
income and disenfranchised people wouldn't have an education. they give second chances even to people like me. i'm an ex-felon. they have programs set up. >> the commission in charge of junior college is voted to termy nat the accreditation because it was not in compliance with standards. the commission is facing lawsuit claiming the decision was bias. >>> six months from now, i will be saying oh, my gosh, it's hot out there. today it's cold. tonight will be colder. chilly, chilly temperatures. upper 40ss very low 50s. the warmest temperature is sfo at 51. you get out to fairfield, vacaville, stockton, travis, temperatures in the upper 40s. we have some chilly, chilly temperatures. a lot of sunshine. that's the good news. tomorrow morning, it will be a four-dog night or four-cat night. record low. increasing clouds into late friday, rain and very low snow levels look likely into saturday morning. all right. the records for tomorrow, tomorrow, december 5th, you can see napa, 26, 1972, the projection for the airport is 17 to 19. so unless that -- the breeze there kept things up in napa
in those depressed areas of 5%. give parents more school choice and education tax credits. and loosen visa rules to encourage foreign sbe pentrepre to open businesses. senator, while critics say those are all good ideas, you've got to pour more government money into those inner cities if you're going to make a difference. >> well, chris, it hasn't worked. i mean, the president poured a trillion dollars into the nation's economy. when you divided it out it was about $400,000 per job. the problem with a government stimulus is you pick the winners and losers. with this stimulus that i'm talking about, a free market stimulus, you simply leave the money in the hands of those who earned it. so the customers have actually picked out the successful people, the ones they choose to buy products from. those people get more money. like i met a young man, young african-american man who has his own restaurant. his first question is, do you have any tax breaks for me for my business? that's what this would do. it would help people who are already in business and trying. >> i don't have to tell you, senat
fowler. >> john is live in walnut creek. you found many people were unprepare education bill for this cold. >> reporter: absolutely. got quite a bit chillier just as the sun set. as bill said, the sky is clear. we found many people thinking this is a bit of a shock. >> people told us one day after shirt sleeves, this cold is startling. >> oh, gosh. freezing. yeah. it's even freezing in our office it's hitting us that bad. >> with the change in the cloud cover, signaling a new cold front, the diablo valley could see the bay area's biggest freeze drop. >> this is nothing. california really compared to what a lot of people are going through, this isn't anything. >> many people, including maureen taylor jammed nurseries today. she bought burlap as a garden blanket. >> my plants are fond of 32 below. >> they are not going to take cold conditions, and they won't bounce back. >> guard center covered their plants. >> you can take this blanket. >> tropical plants, cold snaps are curiously dangerous for them. >> it can fry the plant. it can take it out completely. >> citrus is especial
discussions about climate change and education policy could be the reason for that spike. the oxford english dictionary shows the word selfie as its word of the year. that means taking a picture of yourself and posting it online. >>> 6:18. we haven't done any selfies today. >> no, not yet. >> those of us of a certain age might remember she blinded me with science. >> i remember that. >> critics -- crickets no one knows. people are cig what? let's move on and take a look at the commute now. the traffic is doing pretty well. it is getting more crowded as you drive in through the east shore freeway. this has ban good morning in the way we haven't had major problems and the commute has been ramping up gradually here and there. we have seen some minor fender benders but nothing all that bad. let's move to the bay bridge toll plaza. the traffic here is doing pretty well here. no problems as you drive through. i want to take a look at the santa cruz mountains because we have spotted slow traffic on 17 coming up and over the summit. its not unusual but its beginning to get slower and slower. and we
education but not at the expense of taxpayers. >> reporter: many relate to job performance, but then there is the session on confusing words or topics like your credit score and small talk breaking the ice. he was a top aid in the 1980s and he is shocked by the classes. >> they are ridiculous and congress needs to cut its own budget. >> reporter: we are not the only ones asking questions. last year oklahoma senator sent this leader to harry reid asking the classes be cut. and this e-mail was just sent out to staffers asking them to sign up for a speed reading class. i asked what all the professional development classes cost each year. so far no response. the classes are popular with the staff and widely attended. justin gray, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> now at 6:00 p.m. two million accounts compromised on facebook, twitter, gmail and others. how it was done and what you need to do to protect yourself. >> trapped in a tunnel and b.a.r.t. riders said no one told them what is going on. >> scary. >> how riders rallied to help each other when an equipment problem became an emergenc
million to bring the internet to public classrooms around the country. the non-profit called education superhighway, says without access to the internet, about 40 million opportunities will be left behind. and the group says most schools are connected, but they lack the high speed connectioned that are needed today. >>> a northern california couple has welcomed identical triplets. abby, brin, and laurel were born. what makes them so rare is they were conceived without help from fertility treatments. the chances of nationally occurring identity triplets are between 1 and 1 million, to 1 and 100 million. the girls are expected to go home in a couple of weeks. >>> last night, we told you about a generous mystery tipper. coming up, who may be the man behind tips for jesus. >> laying out the bone chilling temperatures. and when this bay area could bring some snow. >> think your facebook, twitter, and yahoo accounts are protected? how millions of users inadvertently exposed their passwords to hackers. a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment,
for classes to carry on. >> because education is important. the other thing is, we have kids that don't have transportation to get home and rely on city transportation. >> reporter: pg&e says the problem with an underground cable appears to be the spark for this outage, one that happened to fall on one of the coldest days of the year. >> that's been an issue. the fireplace isn't heating up the room, so we're pretty cold. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for pg&e says weather appears to not have played a role in this outage. as for the 140 customers she says hopefully the power will be back on for them by 10:00 tonight. live here in the city of venetia, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the cold weather is set to continue through the weekend, and that is causing major concern for the $2 billion a year citrus industry in california. you can see the icicles there that formed on these citrus trees in fresno county. growers say anything under 28 degrees for more than 45 minutes can damage their fruit. >>> there are also icicles in this walnut orchard in winters. north of vacaville r. the temperature there was 2
of education. one is fighting. or what looks like a gang beating. >> and also teaches us about picking your opponents. >> we will teach you this. >> smaller than you or a woman. >> be open-minded. women had can be as good fighting as a man. >> it is her problem she is weak. not yours. >> >> we will get to the drunking. at the very end, the this dude tell us, if you are interested, go to the website. cool men's >> if you go to cool men's which i did. because i was interested, and a takes you to a website for redirected ever he was so, this is all sort of a promo for a movie that was be out january 10th starting in lithuania. and it is a distinctive flavor of eastern european exotic. and this is a big promo for a movie. >> in case you are wondering what i am drinking. >> it give he is you energy. >> it get all walled up. >> the last place you want to be. they are used to free the kitties. >>> i feel like this video is a man's two obsessions melded into these . >>> this is a man's obsession melded into one. >> these are not your standard holiday lights. > >>
enough educators on the team as required. the report does not recommend taking away the commission's authority. city college could lose the accreditation at the end of july. >>> it's time for ticket tuesday. you have a chance to win a four pack of tickets to sharks ice. it gives families a chance to enjoy holiday music while ice skating from now through january 5th. there are facilities in san jose, fremont and oakland. for your chance to win, go to, do it before midnight and put in the secret word, skate. good luck. >> skate. >>> almost 9:00. let's check back in with sal for traffic this morning. we're still looking at windy conditions. we haven't seen a lot of major crashes. fender-benders for sure. at the bay bridge you can see traffic is going to be backed up for at least a ten-hint -- ten-minute delay. also the morning commute in san jose on northbound 280 appears to be pretty good. southbound a little bit slow. that's southbound approaching 101. on 880 it's slow from 238 all the way up to downtown oakland. now let's go to steve. >>> partly cloudy. mostly cloudy. win
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)